Full-stack React, Express and Typescript Academy
Build your IT career with us in just 3 months
Application Requirements
  • Beginner to intermediate level web developers with good understanding of web standards (HTTP, REST, CORS, etc.) and practical experience using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web application development
Is this for me? Yes, if you’re:
  • Frontend or web developer and want to improve your skills
  • Backend developer eager to become a fullstack expert
Best part:
  • Best students will be offered a permanent job at Modis after the Academy
  • You’ll be able to build your career as Full-stack Web Developer, Full-stack Developer with React and more

This is a free program with duration of 80 hours, distributed in 10 weekends. The Academy starts on 23rd October and will continue till 16th January 2022.

All lectures and exercises will be conducted online, each Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:30h., with 30 minutes break.


During the Academy, you’ll learn the best practices and latest technologies from certified trainer and senior developers working on real-world projects. You'll master React and become a highly valued developer using new technologies, tools and frameworks. You’ll walk away with the in-demand skills to advance your career.

All participants will:

  • learn how to set up different kinds of TypeScript projects – front-end with React and Redux, back-end with Node.js and Express, and how to integrate them in a full-stack REST/JSON API project
  • practice development of type-safe React components, single page apps, and backend services
  • implement real-time server-push event streaming using Socket.IO
  • understand how to boost development performance using JS/TS tooling
  • implement unit, and integration tests using React Testing Library, Jest, and Enzyme
  • become proficient in debugging full-stack applications written in TypeScript
  • do weekly homeworks
  • present final course project

Modis Full-stack React, Express and Typescript Academy covers the below topics:

  • Quick recap of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • HTTP Client and Fetch APIs
  • Novelties in ES6+
  • TypeScript
  • Building React components and Single Page Applications (SPA) with TypeScript
  • TSX in depth
  • Working with forms. Using component libraries
  • Components composition in depth
  • New lifecycle methods
  • Building purely functional components using new Hooks API
  • Other novelties in React 16+
  • Dependency Injection (DI) of custom application services using React Context
  • SPA routing using React Router v5
  • Testing React Components – unit and integration testing
  • Redux – predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • Server side application development with Node.js and TypeScript
  • REST service API development using Express.js

The Academy contains one third lecture materials and two thirds lab exercises. Lectures and exercises will be conducted in parallel and will not be divided in separate sessions in order to achieve immediate reinforcement of theoretical discussions with practical examples and exercises.

During the Academy participants you will get practical experience using state-of-the-art TypeScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, and ExpressJS for rapid full-stack application development. The learning is conducted in small groups – up to 15 participants using problem-based methodology.

Trayan Iliev
Trayan Iliev
Full-stack Developer, IT Trainer
Trayan is developer of end-to-end reactive full-stack applications and services using ES, TypeScript, React, Angular, and Vue.js clients, and Spring, Java EE, Reactor, Kafka, Ktor (Kotlin), Express (TypeScript), Golang, and Flask (Python) back-ends. He has 18+ years of software development experience and 15+ years experience as enterprise IT trainer. Trayan is CTO of IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies – training and consultancy company, focused on novelties in front-end and REST/gRPC/GraphQL backend development – reactive UI, end-to-end reactive programming, distributed event stream processing, distributed machine learning, and real-time micro-service architectures. Trayan has presentations on local developer conferences such as Java2Days, Voxxed Days, jPrime, jProfessionals, BGOUG, on topics like Spring 5, Reactor, SOA & REST, Kafka, Pulsar, Java EE, React, Angular, Express.js, RxJS, reactive robotics and IoT. He is robotics / smart-things/ IoT enthusiast and organizes RoboLearn hackathons in Sofia. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/trayaniliev, https://github.com/iproduct)
Dinko Manolov
Dinko Manolov
Head of Software Engineering at Modis Bulgaria
Dinko has been a software engineer since 2005, working in a wide range of industries including web, desktop and mobile development, enterprise software, cloud and web services. His experience includes the design and development of small to enterprise class applications in different domains. He is a certified Software Architect and Scrum Master and has a Master degree in the field of Internet Software Technologies. In his spare time, he is most likely with his family or playing different sports with friends. He's a proud father of three, which often teaches him how hard is to implement leadership learnings at home.
Filip Stoyanov
Filip Stoyanov
Delivery Lead at Modis Bulgaria
Filip is an interesting mix between engineer, PM, Operations Manager, Team Lead. Had been leading projects for software development, building and leading teams, setting processes in different IT companies. After sitting for a whole day in front of a PC he is always eager to hit the gym, move some weights or to spar with friends.
Yavor Peev
Yavor Peev
Automation QA Engineer at Modis Bulgaria
Yavor currently is working with Cypress Framework, JavaScript, Mocha and VS Code for develop automation tests and AzureDevOps for source control. He has previous experience with Java with SeleniumWebDriver, InteliJ IDE for writing tests, GIT for source control, JIRA for tracking, Jenkins for continuous integration, BrowserStack for building and reporting. In his free time, he likes to do different sports such as boxing, swimming, training in the gym, as well as walks and traveling with his French bulldog.
Valentin Kirilov
Valentin Kirilov
Senior Software Engineer at Modis Bulgaria
Valentin is a full-stack web developer with 7+ years of professional experience with a variety of technologies including JavaScript/TypeScript + Angular/React/VueJS, Node.js + Express/Nest.js and PHP + Laravel. Proud graduate at Technological School of Electronic Systems (Technical University) and bachelor of Software Engineering at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (Sofia University). Aside from being a nerd he enjoy spending his free time in nature and cooking for friends.
Hristo Valkanov
Hristo Valkanov
Software Architect at Modis Bulgaria
Hristo has worked as a software engineer since 2013. His professional experience includes multiple projects, varying from small businesses to big international corporations. Hristo also holds a Master’s degree in Networking and Informatics Systems. His hobbies include mountain hiking, amateur fishing, board games and spending time with his family.
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