Web Services with Spring 5 Academy: Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data and Spring Security

Build your IT career with us in just 3 months

Why Us?

The Web Services with Spring 5 Academy introduces to enterprise SOA & web application development using Spring 5 platform.


Application Requirements

  • Junior/medium level Java developers with practical experience in building complex/server-side applications using Java SE as baseline
  • Experience in data structures and algorithms, OOP principles (SOLID, DRY, abstraction, encapsulation), object inheritance

You can participate if you are

  • Backend developer and want to improve your skills
  • Frontend developer eager to become a full-stack expert

Best part of our Academy

  • Best students will be offered a permanent job at Modis after the Academy
  • You’ll be able to build your career as Java Backend Developer

This is a free program with duration of 75 hours, distributed in 30 sessions. The Academy starts on 12th November and will continue till 16th February 2023.


All lectures and exercises will be conducted online, each Saturday and Sunday in November – mid-January from 10:00h – 12:45h, with 15 minutes break,  and each Monday, Thursday, and Friday till the end of the course from 18:30h – 21:15h, with 15 minutes break.


During the Academy, you’ll learn the best practices and latest technologies from certified trainer and senior developers working on real-world projects. You’ll master Java and become a highly valued developer using new technologies, tools and frameworks. You’ll walk away with the in-demand skills to advance your career.

All participants will

Achieve a solid level understanding and practical experience using core Java technologies and APIs – Java IO/NIO/NIO2, generics, functional programming with java – lambdas and Stream API, Multithreading, JDBC;


Embrace the rich opportunities for rapid web and REST/Web API application development using Spring 5 and Spring Boot ecosystem of projects and modules;


Solid level understanding and professional use of ORM with Hibernate and JPA;

Develop, deploy, optimize, secure, and test production grade web applications, services and clients with in Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring MVC & REST;


Have plenty of hands-on experience with Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring Boot tests, Spring MVC Testing framework, Junit, Mockito.


Do homework and present final course project

Modis Web Services with Spring 5 Academy covers the below topics:

Basic Git workflow


OOP with Java SE


Main Java APIs, Des ign Patterns


Introduction to Spring


Spring beans configuration and Dependency Injection (DI)


Spring AOP and SpEL basics


Creating RES T controllers

The Academy contains lecture materials and exercises. Presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises will be conducted in parallel to achieve immediate reinforcement of concepts in practice.

During the Academy participants will learn how to develop, deploy, and test production grade, secure web apps and services with Java, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, Spring MVC, and REST. Study is conducted in small groups – up to 15 participants.